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Foundation Repair services in Ottawa and the Surrounding Area

Does your home or business show signs of foundation stress? Foundation and structural problems can occur anywhere, anytime. At Go Pro Restoration Inc., we provide simple and permanent solutions for your foundation problems. Our professionals provide outstanding services from the first phone call until the final inspection. Rely on us for full foundation repair services in Ottawa. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services and how we can remedy your foundation concerns.

Go Pro Restoration Inc.’s commitment to quality ensures your foundation construction or renovation project in Ottawa is a success.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems or foundation damage can be caused by a variety of things ranging from construction to natural calamities. Soil conditions typically are the root cause of foundation problems. As the soil under and around your home continuously changes, it can cause house foundations to shift, settle and even crack. If you are experiencing foundation failure and are ready to take the next step, give us a call today.

Our Process for Fixing Foundation Leak:

1. Our first step is to take care of the underground utilities in the area to be excavated and then removing the existing weeping tile system.

2.  We then trench down the foundation footings, by hand or machine exposing the foundation wall.

3. Once the foundation is exposed, the next step is to scrape and clean the foundation walls. This allows us to properly locate and examine the damage to the foundation walls.

4. We then apply the waterproof membrane (Blueskin primer and Blueskin membrane) to the exposed foundation wall.

5. After that, a dimpled drainage membrane is installed. This is the first line of defense against water and moister.

6.  Then two feet of crushed stone is added to the bottom of the trench, covering the weeping tiles and backfill remainder of the trench.

7. To keep water away from the foundation wall, we tamp and properly grade the area.

8.  And the last step is to install window wells with a drainage system to the weeping tiles.

While dealing with water damage immediate action is crucial. Our professionals respond quickly and use advanced equipment and technology to renovate the interior of your property. They closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is dried properly and thoroughly.

To keep your home’s structure strong, proper foundation care is very important. We have the experience, skilled professionals and equipment necessary to handle a wide range of foundation repair projects in Ottawa.

We will discuss how we can remedy your foundation concerns. At the very first step of inspection, our certified technicians will evaluate your property and provide you with all the possible solutions. Contact our team today for your foundation repair needs in Ottawa.

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